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fire: le feu
to catch fire: prendre feu
to be on fire: être en feu


  • "Edward : Oh, so why should we fire you?"
  • "Mrs Duncan : My husband ignites the fires using your perfume, Moulin Magic."
  • "Announcer : Today, our charismatic and handsome leader is relaxing in front of a fire with his favourite monkey, Giuseppe."
  • "There is no fire to the lake."
  • "- Fire extinguishers are to be used only for extinguishing fires."
  • "The bad news is: some faulty incense sticks led to a small fire in my office and destroyed all of the candidates' files."
  • "a "barbie" is a barbecue – or for you and me, "burning animals on the fire"."
  • "Hannah : We should be at home, singing Christmas songs in front of the fire and opening presents!"
  • "Yes, yes... "heart attack while saving orphans from a fire"."
  • "He loves fire."

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