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abuse: le mauvais traitement, les sévices, l'abus
animal abuse le mauvais traitement des animaux
alcohol abuse l'abus d'alcool
to abuse: maltraiter, abuser
Luna volunteers for an organization that helps abused children. Luna fait du bénévolat pour une association qui aide les enfants maltraités.


  • "Brian : No, I've been a victim of racist abuse!"
  • "Have you been abusing your powers as a ruthless dictator, tyrannical tyrant or cruel despot?"
  • "Delavigne doesn't pay me enough to deal with this kind of abuse."
  • "I telephoned to cancel the vacation, and all I received was abuse!"
  • "Susie : In 1999, it was revealed that the company was guilty of labor abuses in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China."
  • "The company, at the center of hundreds of scandals in the last 10 years, ranging from illegal bear hunts to monkey abuse to laboratory explosions, just can't seem to get their act together."
  • "I refuse to excuse this abuse!"
  • "You've only been alive for a matter of months, but I've already had reports of public indecency, aggressive lullaby singing, diaper throwing, tummy aches, temper tantrums, loud crying and some very serious accusations of milk abuse."
  • "In the Sports section, stories of steroid abuse."
  • "I've got the barbershop blues, I was abused"

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