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an accomplishment: un accomplissement, une réussite, un exploit
Congratulations on all these accomplishments! Bravo pour tous ces exploits!
My boss waited until the accomplishment of all my projects to fire me. Mon patron a attendu la réalisation de tous mes projets pour me licencier.
to accomplish: accomplir, atteindre, réaliser

Pronunciation examples
UK: I've accomplished many great things in my years on earth.
US: This novel is quite an accomplishment.


  • "Consequently, I have created a "bucket list" of the things I hope to accomplish before dying, and have asked you to do the same."
  • "Everything Bruno has done for his company is a real accomplishment!"
  • "Accomplishment allows us to feel that we're capable of functioning within society."
  • "And I know you'll accomplish this mission."

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