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to adopt: adopter
We've decided to adopt a child. Nous avons décidé d'adopter un enfant.
We urge you to adopt this bill. Nous vous conseillons fortement d'adopter ce projet.


  • "Donna : I don't know about that Jean, but the question is: should I adopt a little girl from Las Vegas?"
  • "Should I adopt Lucy from Las Vegas?"
  • "Brian : I think you should adopt her Donna."
  • "Consequently, I suggest that Jean adopt a native English accent, to make himself easier to understand."
  • "To help you achieve your goals, I need you to adopt some new habits."
  • "We adopted an African child together."
  • "Go on Donna, adopt this mysterious child."
  • "Should I adopt little Lucy?"
  • "I just received a call from a little girl who is obviously very cute, and she's asked me to adopt her."
  • "It looks like I'll be adopting a little girl."

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