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an aim: un but
We're launching this campaign with the aim of improving our sales. Nous lançons cette campagne dans le but d'augmenter nos ventes.
to aim (at a target): viser (une cible)
I hope that insult was not aimed at me. J'espère que cette insulte ne me visait pas.
to aim to (do sth), to aim at (doing sth): avoir l'intention de (faire qqch), avoir pour but de (faire qqch)


  • "This is the first in a series of articles which aim to provide our readers with an insight into current events in Britain, as well as offering you a weekly rant by a rather outspoken woman."
  • "The key aims of these yearly interviews are"
  • "Fear of 'manboobs' contributed to the slump in sales of the Kalvin Krime 'Solo' range aimed at the youth market."
  • "- Aim high!"
  • "But we're here to help with the next step: cultural problems. The Good Day USA starter kit aims to make life in the US seem approachable and accessible for all."
  • "The move is apparently aimed to raise capital for a much-needed IT revamp and also a pool table for the staff recreation room. Despite healthy profits, lots of employees had been leaving the company."
  • "For example, I am proposing a grant of $1m to the Marketing Department to fund a Europe-wide campaign aimed at increasing sales of our mid-range collections."
  • "Aims, objectives, achieving your goals."
  • "Bruno : Susie, are you saying that we've spent millions of dollars in advertising aimed at the wrong people?"

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