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almost: presque, quasiment
We are almost there. Nous sommes presque arrivés.


  • "Kevin : But it's almost 6 o'clock, don't you need to close the factory soon?"
  • "I'm almost tempted to bite them, but I won't - I'm a vegetarian."
  • "He looks different... almost like a man."
  • "He argues that "almost everyone performs their best when under stress"."
  • "Bruno : Yes, well when I say "colorful", I mean that you use black and white in a way that is so revolutionary, it... I can almost see colors."
  • "Brian : Almost, nearly there… and, voilà , your internet should be working now!"
  • "Bruno : You almost gave me a heart attack!"
  • "Nina : Almost sir."
  • "Man : It's almost perfect, computer, but let's add the final touch: music."
  • "Edward : I quite like how realistic it is... It almost looks like a real window."

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