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also: aussi

Pronunciation examples
UK: I need five bananas, some toilet paper and a bottle of champagne... oh, and I'll also take a cigar.
US: I would also like a cigar.


  • "Also, giant lizards make our beds, and robots are excellent jazz musicians."
  • "I also did a lot of stapling and faxing."
  • "It turns out you're also very funny."
  • "I have finished my tour of the company and it is worse than I thought: not only has Delavigne become a faceless, money-grabbing corporation, but it has also lost its "music"!"
  • "All Queen albums are also half price."
  • "Because that's also on the menu."
  • "Now, ideally you would retrieve the hair of an American black bear, but, as I am a generous and kind man, I will also accept grizzly bear hair."
  • "I have also been programmed to speak 10,000 languages."
  • "I'm afraid this is also a fight to the death."
  • "I would also like to inform you that someone in your group visited me in private last night and requested to stay at our monastery."

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