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to analyze: analyser
an analysis: une analyse

Pronunciation examples
UK: This program provides a detailed analysis of the issues.
US: We're analyzing the budget to see where we can save money.


  • "So can you analyze this piece of art for our listeners, Belinda?"
  • "After exhaustive scientific analysis, I am confident that this "copycat" product is nothing to worry about."
  • "It analyses the unique movements of the phone's owner."
  • "Icarus will be giving us a financial analysis of this past year momentarily."
  • "Field research and marketing analysis show that the most efficient way of communicating a memorable advertisement is either through powerful, minimalist images or through endless repetition."
  • "I should really analyze all the options here."
  • "As for the fragrance, I'm no expert, but it smells similar enough to merit a closer analysis from our experts."

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