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another (satisfied customer): un autre, encore un (client satisfait)


  • "I need another glass of wine."
  • "Brian : Sir, I'm not sure if we have enough time for another flashback."
  • "Another thing I've noticed about L."
  • "You should probably find another job."
  • "Another airport official confirmed that Delavigne was inebriated, adding "He told his entourage to get on the ship and bring the wine, saying that it was time to "take this party to the motherf***in skies"."
  • "Voiceover : Imagine another dimension where nothing is as it seems. Up is down, right is left, and the Delavigne Corporation... well, let's just say it's the Brian Jones Corporation."
  • "Here's another joke: A man goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, my wife thinks she's a chicken."
  • "Let's all congratulate us with another cup of tea."
  • "Passengers are advised to find another means of transport."
  • "Owner : I can't give you a refund, but I can replace him with another animal."

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