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an appearance: une apparition, une apparence
to make an appearance: faire une apparition
Madonna plans to make an appearance on stage later tonight. Dans la soirée, Madonna compte faire une apparition sur scène.
the appearances: les apparences
Judging by its appearances, I would not like to stay at this hotel. Vu son apparence, je ne voudrais pas rester dans cet hôtel.


  • "Icarus : Well you see, the office currently affords us certain liberties in our outward appearances once a week-"
  • "I should tell you up front, Miss Bliss, Ivana doesn't even get out of bed for less than 50,000 dollars an appearance, but I'm sure you already knew that..."
  • "Icarus : Err, I take pride in the appearance of my work, uhh, habitat."
  • "Susie : Regarding the budget for the shoot: the most expensive aspect of this project will be securing Ms. Bümbüm's services, she's charging a minimum of 50,000 dollars per appearance these days."
  • "Bruno : Appearances can be deceiving, Brian."

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