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to arise: surgir, se produire, apparaître
Arise can mean to "stand up" or "lift oneself up", but the term "rise" is more common in modern English. Also, don't confuse the past participle arose with the noun a rose, which is a pretty, fragrant flower.
If any problems arise, please contact the technical team. Si un quelconque problème surgit, merci de contacter l'équipe technique.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I arise / I arose / I have arisen


  • "I was wondering if you'd like to join me for the interview, since your help is a major reason why they chose our company, and also just in case any 'technical questions' may arise."
  • "I feel more prepared to take a leadership position not only in the workplace, but also at the head of a small country again, if ever the need arises."

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