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as soon as (possible): dès que (possible)
As soon as s'emploie de la même façon que "when", notamment dans les phrases au futur (concordance des temps au présent) :
As soon as you are finished, we will have lunch. Dès que vous aurez fini, nous déjeunerons.
Attention à la concordance des temps (futur & style indirect) :
We will proceed as soon as Bruno gets here. Nous commencerons dès que Bruno sera là. (et non will get here)


  • "Personally, I intend to achieve my goals as soon as humanly possible, and in one case, as soon as time travel technology permits."
  • "But I think I'll come round to pick it up myself, as soon as I find my artificial leg."
  • "I'm probably photocopying or making coffee at the moment, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I get permission to use the phone again."
  • "I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can."
  • "As soon as you get this message, please meet me in my office immediately."
  • "I will bring it back as soon as it is finished in the oven."
  • "Bruno : Dr. Gilchrist, I arrived as soon as I could."
  • "Philip : Just as soon as I'm finished spitting this important message: "Must use toilet immediately, ate burrito for breakfast."

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