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an aunt: une tante
My auntie is 94 years old. Ma tata a 94 ans.
(This is my) great aunt: (Voici ma) grand-tante


  • "Since then, great auntie Margaret has contacted Trading Standards (the consumer protection agency), but we don't know if she'll ever get her money back."
  • "It's what great aunty Hilda would have wanted."
  • "We'll have tea and crumpets with Auntie Barbara-"
  • "Last week, I received a phone call from my great aunt Margaret."
  • "The above points probably seem obvious to most of us, but the great aunt Margarets of this world might find them useful."
  • "Kevin : Well, on my mother's side of the family, let's see, with three aunts and four uncles, I have a total of thirty-seven cousins."
  • "As some of you may know, my great aunt Hilda sadly passed away last week."

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