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the background (of a candidate): la formation, le profil académique, professionnel (d'un candidat)
I have a background in economics and political science. J'ai une formation en économie et en sciences politiques.
background (noise): (bruit) de fond
Who's that I hear in the background? Qui est-ce que j'entends dans le fond?
the background (of a photo): l'arrière-plan (d'une photo)
What's in the background of the picture? Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans l'arrière-plan de la photo?


  • "I wait one minute while some country music echoes in the background."
  • "Wow, is that a giraffe I can see in the background?"
  • "I know that radio stations sometimes feature on-air personalities with no medical background."
  • "Edward : Ok, I'd probably be a flute, because I'm high-pitched, often in the background, but once you get to know me, I have a lovely melody."
  • "Polly : Is that Philip I hear in the background?"
  • "She has a background in communications, and she is the head of our marketing department."
  • "To further acquaint you with my background, I have enclosed my resume."
  • "She has a background in Communications, and she is the head of our marketing department."
  • "Knowing your background in espionage, I thought you might be interested in a $1000 gift voucher at the Spies'R'Us store."

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