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(I have some) bad news: (J'ai de) mauvaises nouvelles


  • "Bye bye bad news, hello good, good news!"
  • "The bad news is: some faulty incense sticks led to a small fire in my office and destroyed all of the candidates' files."
  • "Nothing but bad news these days."
  • "So listen man, I've got some bad news: I quit."
  • "There's good news and bad news."
  • "A new report published by the BNB (Bad News Bearers) shows that obesity among Americans is not slowing down, as naive idealists continue to suggest, but rather growing at a nearly exponential rate."
  • "Before you see him, however, I have some bad news."
  • "I have some good news and some bad news."
  • "Bruno : The bad news is that Bruno's Brew smells like s&!"
  • "The bad news is that my tarantulas were accidentally delivered to a child's baptism.The good news is that Edward Moon is a bastard."

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