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a ball: une balle, une bille, une boule, un ballon
(Let's go to) the ball!: (Allons au) bal !


  • "It's a game played with a ball that is struck with the foot."
  • "Brian : And he was the only one who could dodge the balls!"
  • "Here, Sigourney, throw me that ball would you?"
  • "We can hit a few balls on the driving range or even play polo."
  • "Jean : Who is the man throwing the ball?"
  • "I'm here on the outskirts of London, in Twickenham. This is the home of English rugby, and I'm here to gather some opinions about what everyone is calling the "year of the oval ball"."
  • "A ball hits you and another teammate (you're both out)."
  • "We have three bottles of champagne, a big rubber ball, and a net."
  • "He's trying to hit the ball somewhere where it won't be caught."
  • "Someone catches your ball;"

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