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a bar (on a window): une barre, un barreau (de fenêtre)
a bar: un bar, un comptoir


  • "Well you can go to one bar, I will be going to another secret bar underwater with my millionaire manatee friends."
  • "Hopefully we can wrap things up quickly and head to the bar."
  • "Bruno and Horatio's Miracle Juices, a fledgling juice and smoothie bar, caused a stir last month when their "miraculous" juices allegedly cured a man of his loneliness, reunited a lost parrot with his lover, and helped settle a bitter dispute between a chicken and an egg."
  • "Horatio : Haven't you ever been to a miracle juice bar before?"
  • "Bruno : I first met Betty on a blind date a couple of months ago at a bar."
  • "An all-you-can-eat bagel bar will be provided."
  • "Listen Todd, I've got one: A rabbi, a priest and an imam walk into a bar, the barman takes one look at them and says "Is this some kind of joke?"
  • "Next time we'll add some weight to the bar."
  • "Milk Bar and Casino, 33 Penny Lane, London, England."

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