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basic: fondamental, principal, rudimentaire
The job requires a basic knowledge of Excel. Ce travail requiert une connaissance fondamentale d'Excel.
The living accommodations included in the vacation package were quite basic. Les logements inclus dans le package du voyage étaient assez rudimentaires.
basically : fondamentalement
the basics: l'essentiel, les principes fondamentaux
to get down to the basics aborder l'essentiel

Pronunciation examples
UK: The hotel room was basic but very comfortable.
US: Basically, I provide support for dogs.


  • "I'm here to teach you people the basics of a positive work environment whether you like it or not!"
  • "Jackson Bollocks : Listen Mr Jones, I'm going to give you a basic lesson in materials: a tall figure made from glass would soon break, especially if it were full of liquid."
  • "I‘ll show you the basics."
  • "Garth : Well basically, Edward, it's like this."
  • "Bruno : Well it's very complicated, but I can try to give you the basics."
  • "Bruno : Basically, I'm pleased with the job he's doing."
  • "Bruno trained his interpretation skills on basic animals at first."
  • "Basic computer skills necessary."
  • "The basic philosophy behind the movement is that eating locally has ecological value: The carbon footprint of Kobe beef which has made the trip from Japan to New York has more of an environmental impact than a piece of fresh meat from the local farmer's market."
  • "These are two basic accounts, and, even if you're not rich, it's useful to have both."

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