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to be in touch: être en contact
Are you still in touch with Maria? Es-tu toujours en contact avec Maria?
to get in touch: se mettre en contact
Polly will get in touch with you next week to set up a meeting. Polly va vous contacter la semaine prochaine afin d'organiser un rendez-vous
to stay, to keep in touch: garder contact, rester en contact
Let's try to stay in touch this summer. Essayons de rester en contact cet été.


  • "We'll be in touch, Mr. Mayor."
  • "Giuseppe knows how to get in touch with me if absolutely necessary."
  • "Anyway, get in touch if you want the spare ticket!"
  • "If you remember anything else, get in touch with Brian."
  • "Please keep me posted, we'll be in touch."
  • "I'll fax you the specifications of the bottles and containers as soon as possible, and we'll be in touch shortly."
  • "Harold : Okay, that's great Carter. We'll be in touch."
  • "If ever you become one, please don't hesitate to get in touch."
  • "Edward : Thank you Alice, we'll be in touch within the next few days."

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