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to become (rich and famous): devenir (riche et célÚbre)


  • "the more I sang, the more original my fragrances became."
  • "This story has become a global sensation nearly overnight, and so we at Radio Rhubarb have titled our coverage of the story "Watergate"... What's that?"
  • "So far I've transformed into a duck and an elephant, but now I'm focusing on becoming a lotus flower."
  • "This question soon became one of Cheeter's favourites: a sort of mantra which he repeated up until his death."
  • "What is less well-known, however, is that this San Francisco-based company has also become a leader on the environmental front."
  • "Why don't you become his new companion?"
  • "At night, to survive becomes a real challenge."
  • "Philip, Hannah, Brian, and Edward, you will become "Team B"."
  • "Marlene : And you want to become my agent?"
  • "I have finished my tour of the company and it is worse than I thought: not only has Delavigne become a faceless, money-grabbing corporation, but it has also lost its "music"!"

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