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Traduction Best friend

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My best friend (is a fish): Mon meilleur ami (est un poisson)


  • "I speak with a fancy little accent and my best friend is the Queen of England."
  • "You will always be my number one best friend Bruno."
  • "I've recently purchased a book by Oliver Jamie, the famous chef, and he's my new best friend."
  • "I have been living in America for 23 years now, and I am incapable of using a telephone... and my best friend is a monkey!"
  • "The gardener's best friend: only 24.95."
  • "After my maternal grandfather died, my mother's mother, my grandmother, got remarried to the best friend of her husband's best man from their wedding."
  • "I had to cancel 3 meetings, a king's coronation and my best friend's pregnancy just to fit you in."
  • "Horatio, you are my best friend in the entire world."
  • "He's been your best friend for years and years."

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