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to bet: parier
I bet he'll get hired. Je parie qu'il sera embauché.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I bet / I bet / I have bet
a bet: un pari
(-Can you do me a favor?) -You bet!: (-Pouvez-vous me rendre un service ?) -Bien sûr !

Pronunciation examples
UK: I bet I'll get hired.
US: I bet two hundred dollars on a horse called Flip Flop.


  • "I bet you are."
  • "Harold : You bet!"
  • "I bet it's cold over there."
  • "Philip : You bet they don't, Quincy, but this one did!"
  • "I bet I earn 5 times as much as you, anyway!"
  • "A big-shot like you, with your overpriced shoes, I bet you don't have any money."
  • "On the other hand, that factory he was talking about seems like a surefire bet."
  • "Moira : So I bet there are a lot of people in the crowd supporting the home team then?"
  • "Hannah : I bet you didn't."
  • "I bet they want me to join the bureau to protect the country."

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