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a bicycle, a bike: un vélo, une bicyclette


  • "Yes, I am familiar with the bike to which you are referring."
  • "Subject: Broken Bicycle"
  • "On a bike."
  • "Incidentally, I will need a space for both my bicycle and unicycle."
  • "On my way into the office the other day I noticed an old bicycle just outside the main entrance to the Treasure Trove Towers."
  • "Subject: RE: Broken Bicycle"
  • "As for the area around the building's entrance, I am pretty confident that the bike is resting on public property."
  • "It's not the first time I've noticed this bike, but today I paused to take a closer look and I was rather shocked to discover that it's not locked up!"
  • "I've done a quick calculation of the replacement parts necessary, and the cost would be significantly less than the purchase of a new bicycle, especially since I know of a place where I can get parts second-hand."
  • "Furthermore, why is someone with your salary salvaging abandoned bikes out of trash cans?"

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