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(I'm not) blonde!: (Je ne suis pas) blonde !
a blond, a blonde: une personne blonde
Both the spellings blond and blonde are used and accepted.


  • "Blond, brunette or a redhead?"
  • "Blonde hair, funny nose!"
  • "-Sexy well-read blonde loves the sweeter things in life"
  • "A blonde chick is sick of being called a "dumb blonde" so she goes to the hairdressers to buy a brunette wig."
  • ""Forget the tax," the blonde says, "I'll use glue"!"
  • "Do gentlemen really prefer blonds?"
  • "Philip : Well, you're tall, blonde, tanned and gorgeous."
  • "Speaking of women, I have with me a letter from Susan Bliss, one of Philip's favourite blondes, who couldn't be with us on this sad day."

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