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a (rescue) boat: un bateau (de sauvetage)
by boat en bateau
We're all in the same boat! Nous sommes tous dans la même galère!


  • "Kevin : I'm sorry Philip, but boats aren't like planes."
  • "Philip : Oh, a boat?"
  • "There's a boat waiting for us."
  • "Rupert : The Dutch Navy has encircled the boat, and is communicating with the pirates via loudspeaker."
  • "Edward : Well, a boat would be a good start."
  • "Philip : Don't they have boats in... Wales?"
  • "That's no problem. Just put it on a boat tomorrow and it will be there in time."
  • "The Love Boat promises something for everyone."
  • "Why didn't I think - of course I'm going to use a boat, Edward!"
  • "Bruno will be "captured" by some fake policemen, mildly beaten and then taken to the prison in a boat."

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