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a boss: un "boss", un patron (familier)


  • "Then in the middle of the ceremony, you fly away in a helicopter with your boss?"
  • "I've brought my boss, Mr. Gidyeon, for his, um, routine medical test."
  • "Something that says “I'm in charge of my longtime boss who I'm also in love with”."
  • "Rocco : Duh, boss... what does "acquitted" mean?"
  • "Because both of our bosses are gone, I would like to nominate myself as interim interim CEO."
  • "Rocco : Duh, boss, what is a "tax evasion"?"
  • "Rocco : Uh, yeah, boss: Entra- Pah-Newer!"
  • "Please don't call me "boss"."
  • "Your boss and client"
  • "No, his other boss, perfume magnate and Franco-American playboy, Bruno Delavigne, who may ask for a moist towelette or a dry martini at a moment's notice."

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