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a boutique: une boutique


  • "In 1999, the Montmartre boutique where president and C."
  • "I've maxed out my credit cards in luxury boutiques, and on top of this I've taken out a loan to pay child support."
  • "The gallery is a striking piece of modern architecture that houses an exhibition space and a boutique."
  • "(NASDAQ: IFC) and privately-owned American juice boutique Miracle Juices enter their 85th straight hour, the Peking Duck has obtained an exclusive transcript of a portion of the bargaining sessions."
  • "San Francisco - In a move that is barely newsworthy, Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. (NASDAQ: IFC) has made a multi-billion dollar offer to acquire a local juice boutique."
  • "In 1999, the Montmartre boutique where president and CEO Bruno Delavigne first worked with his grandfather was re-opened."
  • "It's from a little boutique in San Francisco."
  • "In 1933, Xavier opened "La Parfumerie Xavier Delavigne", which became a popular boutique in the area."

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