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Brazil: le Brésil
a Brazilian: un Brésilien
(a) Brazilian (dance): (une danse) brésilienne


  • "Perhaps there's a shipment to Brazil out of France in the next few days."
  • "We take the flavor of Brazil and put it directly into our cows."
  • "Don't forget your 1-minute Brazilian massage tomorrow!"
  • "Brazilian 1 Minute massage: Providing busy professionals with all the benefits of a full body massage in a fraction of the time!"
  • "Philip : I doubt it, Edward, unless you know how to transport 30,000 units of perfume from Southampton, England, to Brazil in less than three weeks?"
  • "Thanks to a stroke of brilliance on my part, a shipment of Bruno's Brew is now on its way to our Sales Affiliate in Brazil."
  • "Somehow, I came up with the idea of sending the delivery via ferry to Calais before being placed on a cargo ship to Brazil - genius!"
  • "By the time it reaches Brazil, we will have missed the delivery deadline!"
  • "Tropez, rubbing elbows with Russian tycoons and brushing bums with Brazilian bombshells."
  • "Subject: Reminder: Your Brazilian 1 Minute Massage tomorrow!"

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