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a brew: une boisson brassée, une potion, un breuvage
to brew: infuser, fermenter, brasser
a brewery: une brasserie

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm going to brew some home-made beer.
US: Could you pass me a brew? I'm thirsty.


  • ""Bruno's Brew", and "Montmartre Musk" became popular, and sold very well."
  • "Horatio : This is Bruno's Brew."
  • "Coffee will be provided, tea can be brewed on your own time."
  • ""Bruno's Brew" and "Montmartre Musk" became popular, and sold very well."
  • "AFS machine : Delavigne's delighted with the coffee that you've brewed."
  • "Brian : I'm wearing Bruno's Brew, sir."
  • "Bruno : The bad news is that Bruno's Brew smells like s&!"
  • "Bruno's Brew is the most popular perfume in Brazil, and as things stand, I have nothing to give our wholesalers for the Christmas rush."

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