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to bring (something): apporter (quelque chose)
Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I bring / I brought / I have brought
to bring (somebody somewhere): amener (quelqu'un quelque part)

Pronunciation examples
UK: Please could you bring me a present back from your holiday?
US: I brought you back a snake from Africa.


  • "Bring me my surgical instruments."
  • "I've brought my boss, Mr. Gidyeon, for his, um, routine medical test."
  • "He's currently exiled from heaven so he is available to help us bring the music back to Delavigne."
  • "Did you bring them?"
  • "Harold : So, ladies and gentlemen, you're probably wondering why I've brought you all the way up to the North Pole."
  • "Xavier : You don't need to say anything – just please bring me my soup!"
  • "Horatio : Hey Fonzie, I brought you a big pizza pie!"
  • "I see you brought your dog."
  • "Anyway, Michael is here to bring music and dance to the perfume-making process."
  • "He's here to bring music and dance to your everyday tasks."

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