Traduction Burglarize

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to burglarize (US), to burgle (UK): cambrioler
a burglary: un cambriolage
a burglar: un cambrioleur


  • "You are a very clever burglar!"
  • "Vanessa : Yes, it's my job to know about burglars."
  • "Do you know there are so many burglars in American cities?"
  • "Kevin : Did you hear what she said about how everyone will be either raped or burglarized before they die?"
  • "I want to protect my home from burglars please."
  • "Burglary rates in the US are no laughing matter, especially in large cities."
  • "Are you sick of burglars entering your home, taking your priceless art and harming your valuable children?"
  • "The novice burglars exited the bank minutes later, and inevitably stepped upon the wet concrete."
  • "I'm here to set you up with a home security system. She said you were a little worried about burglars breaking in to your home."

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