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a business trip: un voyage d'affaires
a trip: un voyage, un trajet


  • "Do you have to bring that stuff with you on every trip, Horatio?"
  • "Don't mind him Kimberly, he's just a bit jet-lagged from the trip."
  • "Philip will be traveling by company car in order to save on airfare, so you can consider this a 'business road trip' if you like."
  • "Bruno : In conclusion, my trip to London has been difficult at times."
  • "I'm happy to report that our "sales road trip" to Los Angeles was a crashing success, in the sense that we successfully crashed the company car."
  • "Enjoy your trip."
  • "The trip is funded 100% by the company, including the mandatory bear insurance."
  • "To say thank you for all your hard work lately, and to celebrate our moderately successful first quarter sales, I'm pleased to announce that the senior staff of the Delavigne Corporation will be taking a team-building trip this weekend!"
  • "Bruno : So, Gymglish users, thanks a lot for this trip."
  • "Tell me, sweet thing, are you enjoying your trip?"

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