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to call for (something): appeler (qq ch, à qq ch), réclamer (quelque chose)
Call for help! Appelez au secours!
The president called for peace. Le président a réclamé la paix.
This calls for a celebration! Ça se fête!


  • ""The May Day protesters are calling for a reform of the US immigration policy, universal health care, improved workers' rights and an end to all wars instigated by the US."
  • "Did you call for a cab?"
  • "Specifically, the invoice called for 5,000 bottles to be produced for wholesale and retail distribution in France, and close to 15,000 bottles were actually produced."
  • "I'm not sure what she has in mind exactly, but I imagine that she'll want to call for a press conference very soon."
  • "Techie (Rachel) : This is Rachel Witt from Know-It-All Technical Solutions, I'm calling for a ... Bob Kater."
  • "I could call for an ambulance."

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