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a cancellation: une annulation
Remarque : Notons que cancellation peut aussi s'écrire avec un seul "l" (cancelation).
We cannot guarantee a full refund for cancellations made thirty days after the purchase. Nous ne pouvons garantir le remboursement intégral d'un achat en cas d'annulation au delà de trente jours.
to cancel: annuler


  • "I have impulsively decided to cancel the private plane flight with Horatio planned for this month."
  • "The TV network canceled "Horrible Crimes and Forensic Miracles" due to poor ratings."
  • "Icarus : I'd like to cancel my skiing trip!"
  • "Casual Fridays are cancelled."
  • "Rachel : I've canceled your holiday, and reimbursed you for the full amount."
  • "Consequently, I have decided to cancel the statue project, and give the allocated money for the statue to charity."
  • "I telephoned to cancel the vacation, and all I received was abuse!"
  • "In the event of flight cancellations, compensation will be awarded."
  • "I had to cancel 3 meetings, a king's coronation and my best friend's pregnancy just to fit you in."
  • "If you see an error message when you turn on the computer, you should click on "cancel" and after about 20 seconds you will be able to log in normally."

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