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a canteen: une cantine


  • "You now work at the canteen."
  • "You seem to have insulted a number of the staff, and one of Philip's clients left the canteen crying!"
  • "What's this I've been hearing about your attitude at the staff canteen?"
  • "Jean : The canteen?"
  • "Brian : Well, isn't it nice to sit down together in the staff canteen?"
  • "To send a clear message to this racist I urge you to meet me in the canteen at 5pm tomorrow to design "anti-hate" posters."
  • "You're no longer working in the canteen!"
  • "After being kept in solitary confinement for two hours, he will be released only to discover staff and friends dressed as prisoners, and the festivities will begin in the old prison canteen!"
  • "You are all invited to the staff canteen at 1.30pm today for a concert of Christmas Carols with special guest, Horatio Oléré, on vocals (and me on piano)!"

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