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casual: décontracté, commun, ordinaire
We ate dinner at a very casual restaurant. Nous avons mangé dans un restaurant très ordinaire.
to be dressed casually: être habillé décontracté


  • "Please indicate which of these days you would prefer as the new "Casual Dress Day", by filling in the box with a pencil or pen, blue or black ink."
  • "In fact, all except one of you voted for "Casual Dress Day" to remain on Fridays."
  • "It has recently come to my attention that one of our fellow employees in the finance department, who shall remain nameless, is unable to share in the camaraderie of "Casual Fridays"."
  • "Icarus : Yes, that's right, "Casual Fridays"."
  • "First, make it clear in your invitation how smart the evening is going to be: "smart", "casual", "smart-casual", etc. Second, it is not usually polite to ask your guests to bring anything to dinner."
  • "You see, Icarus, everyone likes "Casual Dress Day" on Friday."
  • "I have received everyone's votes on the changing of "Casual Dress Day"."
  • "He has requested that we change the day of "Casual Dress Day"."

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