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a cat: un chat
I don't want a cat, I want a penguin! Je ne veux pas de chat, je veux un pingouin!
kitty cat: minou
a kitten un chaton


  • "plots and conspiracies, failed assassination attempts, 10 most wanted cats in Sweden."
  • "Harold : A cat."
  • "Nobody knows this, but every night I return home at seven o'clock to feed my seven cats and watch soap operas while eating bon bons in front of the telly."
  • "His cat, Numbers?"
  • "Would you like me to feed your cat?"
  • "There are no cats in America."
  • "We have your laboratory surrounded by a team of 300 highly trained military operatives, 50 ninjas on loan from a sushi restaurant, 17 Apache helicopters and 3 cats that followed us here."
  • "-They have been known to eat cats (particularly ALF)"
  • "I bought her a cat."
  • "Ellie Mae : But I can't ride a kitty cat, Daddy."

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