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a chair: une chaise
the chair (of the Science department): la chaire, le président (du département Science)
to chair (a meeting): présider (une réunion)


  • "I had an accident on that chair."
  • "The seven billion dollar deal had been in the works for months, says Professor Ping "Pong" Faan, chair of the economics department at Beijing University."
  • "Let me just get a chair."
  • "Ruby kisses Icarus, who then falls off his chair."
  • "I will chair the meeting today."
  • "Why did you break a chair on my head?"
  • "I was sitting innocently at my desk, daydreaming about my statue, when suddenly and inexplicably I fell out of my chair and onto the floor."
  • "I left the replacement keyboard on the big leather chair in your office."
  • "As I sat in the barber's chair"

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