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to chase (someone): courir après, pourchasser, poursuivre (qq'un)
Philip has been chasing after girls since he was five years-old. Philip court après les filles depuis qu'il a cinq ans.
a chase: une poursuite
a car chase une course poursuite (de voitures)


  • "Then on the way back I found a butterfly and I chased it for a little while."
  • "The neighbor's dog chased me down the street and I had to hide in a dumpster all night."
  • "Park Ranger : I'm being chased by a grizzly bear."
  • "She loves chasing mice, and it's a far more natural way to die."
  • "Do you judge a man on the vintage of wine he serves after vigorously chasing a fox across the English countryside?"
  • "For the television ads, I have this vision of a half-nude virgin girl, riding a zebra and being chased by leopards."
  • "Horatio : And the one who chases the women?"

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