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to check: vérifier, consulter, cocher, contrôler


  • "I checked my watch, everything was okay."
  • "One time I woke up in the morning, and he was checking all my text messages."
  • "But when I checked my pockets, I didn't have enough to pay."
  • "The stadium police took me to the real police, we went under the stadium and they checked my papers."
  • "I checked our auto insurance as you requested."
  • "Hannah : Yes, the last time I checked."
  • "I checked my documents in the C-drive and it's empty!"
  • "You dealt with minor setbacks like Luna DeLune's absurd claim that her LunaBot "had bad energy" (we checked the voltage, she was fine)."
  • "Your performance on memory tests has impressed me from afar, and truly, when you checked the box marked "No need to review", it was then that I realized I could no longer keep my deep admiration for you a secret."
  • "But have you checked another folder?"

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