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chemical: chimique
a chemical: un produit chimique

Pronunciation examples
UK: It's a close one, though Hydrochloric Acid is probably my favourite chemical.
US: I want a divorce. I don't want to be married to a chemical engineer anymore!


  • "He was experimenting with a new fragrance called "Liquid Dynamite" when he accidentally mixed some dangerous chemicals together with tragic results."
  • "Rearranged and made inventory of chemical storage cabinet."
  • "Also, I have many other friends who are allergic to aldehydes, as well as other chemicals frequently found in perfumes and colognes."
  • "There is, however, one snag: the deodorant's unique chemical formula is produced by mixing extracts from several endangered species including pandas, polar bears and dolphins."
  • "Xavier taught Bruno all that he knew about herbs, flowers, alcohols and chemicals."
  • "The chemicals are pouring in a vial"
  • "He had been working on an experimental new fragrance called "Liquid Dynamite" when he mixed together some dangerous chemicals."
  • "As you know, I started this business in Stuttgart with just a dream and some volatile chemicals-"
  • "Jonas : Umm. Cars, mobile phones, paper products, chemicals, steel and wood... that sort of thing."

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