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a child: un enfant
Attention : Le pluriel de child est children (des enfants).

Pronunciation examples
UK: When I was a child, I enjoyed watching television.
US: I've just adopted 18 Polish children. They're so cute.


  • "Last I heard you were happily married with a child on the way."
  • "You are the "Golden Number Child"."
  • "of their children"
  • "On the corner is a banker with a motorcar, the little children laugh at him behind his back."
  • "Horatio : General, I mean Rainbow Child, am I still under arrest?"
  • "I believe the children are our future..."
  • "Bruno : I'm coming, my child!"
  • "I simply want you to get to know your child and be involved in their life for the next 40 to 60 years."
  • "The day is reported as being "extremely unpopular" with workers and school children."
  • "The bad news is that my tarantulas were accidentally delivered to a child's baptism.The good news is that Edward Moon is a bastard."

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