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chocolate: le chocolat
(These) chocolates (are delicious!): (Ces) chocolats (sont délicieux !)


  • "This weekend's tough, will there be chocolates?"
  • "Chocolate melted and poured into your mouth by trained chimpanzees"
  • "I'm sure you'll find the job as gratifying as I found picking up your soiled tissues and discarded chocolate wrappers for the past decade as your special assistant."
  • "Also, I left some chocolate in your top drawer."
  • "But could you ask them NOT to leave those little chocolates on the pillow?"
  • "May I suggest that next time you go to bed, go easy on the chocolate liqueurs."
  • "12 coffees brewed per second, 94 mails archived per minute, 6-10 chocolates fed to Bruno per hour."
  • "He complained of "intense pancake syndrome", "lazy eyebrows" and a "chocolate mistake"."
  • "Will there be chocolates?"
  • "The policy is on your desk, along with some chocolates."

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