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to click (on a link): cliquer (sur un lien internet)
to right-click: cliquer avec le bouton droit (de la souris)
a clicking sound: un cliquetis
adjective, noun
The clicking of the machines drives me crazy! Le cliquetis des machines me rend fou!


  • "I can't talk properly, so I use clicking sounds to communicate."
  • "I've got both documents open but I have to click between them."
  • "I want you in here by the time I click "Send"."
  • "When the unsuspecting computer user double-clicks on the attached file, the email sends an exact copy of itself to every contact in their address book."
  • "You just need to click on the "call" button."
  • "Click on the link below and stay tuned to hear the success story of elderly fall victim, Thelma Fudd."
  • "The user finishes the exercises, clicks on the send button, and receives a personalized correction within minutes."
  • "If you see an error message when you turn on the computer, you should click on "cancel" and after about 20 seconds you will be able to log in normally."
  • "Once rebooted, double-click on Mindmelt icon on desktop."

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