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a cocktail: un cocktail


  • "If you don't mind, I suggest we meet at a great little bar called "The Funky Monkey" on Haight Street, they make great cocktails there and I know the bartender."
  • "It's been 20 years of gathering the greatest minds in the cosmetics industry for lectures, conferences, round-table discussions and even a cocktail party or two!"
  • "But first, get me a cocktail - a screwdriver - and a pair of scissors for you."
  • "Let's go get that shrimp cocktail I was telling you about."
  • "I think I'm ready for that cocktail, Mr. Cheeter."
  • "Fiona : I'm not interested in your cocktails Mr. Cheeter."
  • "Hostess : Cocktails and appetizers are being served inside."

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