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to come down: descendre, baisser, tomber, s'effondrer
I'm coming down in the elevator. Je prends l'ascenseur pour descendre.
The prices are finally coming down. Les prix sont enfin en train de baisser.
to come down (and visit) : passer voir
When are you going to come down to my beach house? Quand passerez-vous me voir dans ma maison au bord de la mer?


  • "Would it be okay if he came down and had a look at our network?"
  • "It's time to come down, captain."
  • "So, as you can imagine, it would be a waste of time for your friend to come down to the offices, because he can't do anything for us."
  • "You are coming down to Earth, captain, whether you like it or not."
  • "If you can't come down on the price per unit, I'm afraid we're going to look elsewhere."
  • "Listen, hail a cab back to the office and I'll come down and pay for it."
  • "To make a long story short, we'll have an efficiency expert coming down to our offices next week."
  • "Shopkeeper : I haven't laughed like that since the Berlin Wall came down!"
  • "He offered to come down to the office to have a look at our network."

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