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common: commun, courant, fréquent, normal
Chang is a very common name in China. Chang est un nom très commun en Chine.
We have a friend in common, his name is Chang. Nous avons un ami en commun, il s'appelle Chang.
And now Chang will answer a few commonly-asked questions. Et maintenant Chang va répondre à quelques questions très fréquemment posées.
Dr. Chang told me that it's common for men of my age to start losing their hair. Docteur Chang m'a dit qu'il était normal de commencer à perdre des cheveux à mon âge.


  • "This sort of anecdote is becoming more and more common."
  • "Woman on cassette tape : Premature ejaculation is a common condition."
  • "It's becoming a common condition here, due to our increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation."
  • "Studies show that the current "traffic light" labelling system - red, amber and green labels representing the amounts of salt, sugar, and fat - for foods on sale in supermarkets is reasonably common, but not effective enough in reducing obesity."
  • "Isn't a pizza company a bit common?"
  • "Is that a common American name?"
  • "The most common way to become a manager is to be given a promotion, often at the expense of your colleagues who think they deserve the position more than you."
  • "It is also quite common for management positions to be given to friends and relatives of the boss, a practice that is called "nepotism"."
  • "This kind of thing is common in rugby."
  • "Bruno : I see you share a common tongue."

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