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compatible: compatible
Luna says that she's only compatible with Virgos and Sagitariuses. Luna dit qu'elle n'est compatible qu'avec des Vierges et des Sagittaires.
compatibility: compatibilité


  • "Icarus : Moreover, it's not compatible with our Microtosh word processing programs. Quickmate, is, err, how shall I put it?"
  • "I don't think this is going to work out, so unless you can convince me that we're compatible in the next 15 seconds, I think we should just stop right now."
  • "Most recently I was trying to set up a wireless connection for the servers in our network, but I'm having some difficulty because the wireless access points which I purchased don't seem to be compatible with the servers we use."
  • "Donna : Well Lucy, sometimes after a long time being together, adults discover that their relationship is different than it used to be, and they are no longer compatible."

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