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Gratuit et sans engagement.


a concern: un souci, un problÚme, une inquiétude, une préoccupation
This meeting should address all of your concerns. Cette réunion devrait aborder tous vos problÚmes.
to concern: concerner
What does this concern? Qu'est-ce que ça concerne ? Quel est le sujet ?
to be concerned about (an election): ĂȘtre prĂ©occupĂ©, inquiet, intĂ©ressĂ© par (une Ă©lection)
a (business) concern: une entreprise, une affaire

Pronunciation examples
UK: I am concerned about his health.
US: Your health is my number one concern.


  • "San Francisco - In a move that is barely newsworthy, Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. (NASDAQ: IFC) has made a multi-billion dollar offer to acquire a local juice boutique."
  • "I thought I was crazy, but next to these two nuts, I am very normal, and exceptionally concerned for the future of Europe."
  • "They're very concerned about England."
  • "Peking: As negotiations between Chinese juice conglomerate Industrial Fruit Concern Inc ."
  • "Bruno : Yes, he did say hello a lot, but that's not our concern now."
  • "Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. has stated that if they acquire the juice business, they plan to completely change the company culture and business model, create hundreds of soulless storefronts across the world, and pretty much ruin everything that made it unique."
  • "I'd just like to say once again that I'm at your disposal for any concerns you may have."
  • "Bruno : Brent, I'm happy to say that we have in fact reached an agreement with the International Fruit Concern, and that Miracle Juices now belongs to them."
  • "Edward : Well, you know, I just thought that you might be concerned about the rumor."
  • "Anyway, I am standing next to none other than entrepreneur Bruno Delavigne, who has just emerged from intense marathon negotiation sessions with the International Fruit Concern, Incorporated."

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