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a conclusion: une conclusion
In conclusion, (I'm leaving you): En conclusion, (je vous quitte)


  • "Subject: My conclusions on the outsourcing issue"
  • "Bruno : In conclusion, my trip to London has been difficult at times."
  • "Conclusions : Brian Jones is excluded as the son of Bruno Delavigne."
  • "Comfort: Non-existent Conclusion"
  • "In conclusion, my trip to London has been difficult at times."
  • "In conclusion, and as a result of your hard work, I would like to propose the next step in your therapy"
  • "Conclusion: Montmartre Musk is not highly flammable!"
  • "In conclusion, I have no doubts that Quincy does his job adequately."
  • "Conclusions : Bruno Delavigne, defendant and San Francisco-based businessman, is excluded as the biological father of plaintiff, Danica Delavigne, Australian-born troublemaker."
  • "Conclusions : Sarah Delavigne, San Francisco-based trapeze artist, is excluded as the biological mother of Bruno Delavigne."

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